Upcoming Birthday? Help loved ones invest in your child’s future.

Invite family and friends to contribute to your child’s education savings by creating your child’s personalized gifting page. You will have the option to use the funds today or watch them grow in a Registered Education Savings Account (RESP).


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How it Works

Create Your Personal Gifting Page

Create Your Personal Gifting Page

Fill out our 3-step form to create a personal gifting page for your child. This page will be where friends and family can send you monetary e-gifts to invest in your child's future education.

Share With Your Family & Friends

Share With Your Family & Friends

Copy the gifting page link and send it to friends and family. All they need is a valid Canadian credit card. You will be notified every time someone contributes.

Choose How to Spend Your Gifts

Choose How to Spend Your Gifts

Receive an Interac eTransfer with the total amount, which you can spend today or invest in an RESP! RBC is offering a $50 welcome bonus to parents wishing to open an RESP with RBC.

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Your Gift Grows While They Grow

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We facilitate giving and receiving gifts that are practical and meaningful – gifts that parents appreciate. We help parents accept monetary contributions that are intended for their child’s RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan), so they can start saving for everything that’s to come. If they do not have an RESP we will offer them a $50 welcome gift to open one with RBC*.